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Concealment Cans

Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe

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Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Concealment Can Diversion Safe Stash Safe Hidden Safe

Handcrafted Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe container, the Spark Plug Hidden Pill Box Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe is perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, USB drives, Bitcoin wallets or other valuables in plain sight. 

Traditional big, bulky home safes are not only immediate targets for criminals, they are too cumbersome for smaller objects and provide little protection when your valuables are on the go.

The Made in America Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe is weighted to feel like the original product and with a threaded, screw off lid that seamlessly integrates into the container, no one will ever know your Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe is actually a stash can diversion safe. Spark Plug Hidden Secret Diversion Safe Stash Safe Concealment Can Home Diversion Safe Garage Stash Safe Perfect for your home, vehicle or on the go

  • Made in the USA

  • Undetectable Screw Off Threaded Lid

  • Weighted and feels like the original product

  • Hide, cash, jewelry or anything else in plain site


At Concealment Cans, our goal is to have the best selection of diversion stash cans and concealment products available on the internet all in one place. From Coca-Cola to Red Bull, Diet Pepsi to Monster Energy, we aim to have every soda and energy drink can available to you as a diversion stash safe. If we don’t have the drink you want, CONTACT US and let us know and we’ll make it for you!


Concealment Soda Cans isn’t all we offer though, we also have beer cans, a big selection of food cans, and just about everything else we can think of from shaving cream and deodorant stash safes to hair brushes, lighters, and diversion wall outlets. If you come across a diversion safe product that we don’t offer, please let us know!


For more information on our shipping and handling times, our privacy policy, our marketing efforts, and our “Keep Your Stash Hidden” Guarantee, and more, you can find all of this on our Questions? Page.


Please Note: Graphics on a product may vary slightly due to seasonal or promotional campaigns in different geographical regions. Includes one Diversion Can Safe only.


Sometimes, it’s a book that opens up, containing a gun instead of pages.
Or a shelf that slides open to reveal a secret compartment with secret documents, a weapon, or even drugs or other illegal paraphernalia…
They’re safes wearing the skin of an everyday object.
And the more mundane and boring the object, the better.
A thief searching for valuables will automatically skip over a dull, everyday object.
That’s the power of a concealment can or diversion safe. We offer one of the largest collections available online and this includes...
If your stash is ever discovered, we'll refund what you paid and give you $100 for not keeping your stash completely hidden!


Interior Storage Space


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Every Concealment Cans purchase comes with a small proof heat seal bag with a ziplock top.

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