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Concealment Cans

Hanger Concealment Hideaway Diversion Safe Travel or Home Stash Safe

Hanger Concealment Hideaway Diversion Safe Travel or Home Stash Safe

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Do you feel comfortable leaving your hotel room with your valuables out in the open? Some hotels have a safe in the room but I've never felt comfortable using that. If you're a thief, that's the first place you go. Worse, if it's someone who works for the hotel, do you think they don't know how to open and access any safe in any of those rooms? Here's a new solution. Put your valuables in the Concealment Hanging Closet Diversion Safe. Put a jacket or a shirt over the hanger, and place in the closet with other shirts and coats. Who is going to to rifle through there if they're in a hurry?

Handcrafted from a real Hanging Closet Safe container, the Hanging Closet Safe – Diversion Safe is perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, USB drives, Bitcoin wallets or other valuables in plain sight.

Traditional big, bulky home safes are not only immediate targets for criminals, they are too cumbersome for smaller objects and provide little protection when your valuables are on the go.

The Made in America Hanging Closet Safe – Diversion Safe is weighted to feel like the original product and with a threaded, screw off lid that seamlessly integrates into the container, no one will ever know your Hanging Closet Safe is actually a stash can diversion safe.

  • Perfect for your home, vehicle or on the go
  • Made in the USA from an original Hanging Closet Safe container
  • Weighted and feels like the original product
  • Hide, cash, jewelry or anything else in plain site

Please Note: Graphics on a product may vary slightly due to seasonal or promotional campaigns in different geographical regions. Includes one Hanging Closet Safe – Diversion Safe only.

Concealment Hanger Hideaway for Concealing Guns, Money, Keys, Medications and other Valuables in your closet while traveling or at home in the closet. Perfect for keeping your valuables out of sight but nearby. 

Simply hang the Concealment Hanger in your closet, place your valuables safely and securely inside and place a shirt or jacket over the hideaway hanger and no one will ever notice or think twice about inspecting or snooping for your goods or stash.

Hanger Concealment Hideaway Diversion Safe Travel or Home Stash Safe


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