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Concealment Cans

Flower Vase Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Flower Vase Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe

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THIS UNIQUE HIDDEN FLOWER VASE CONTAINER is perfect for any home. A beautiful Vase to be used as a safe can, even though it's true purpose is for hiding valuables. No one would ever detect it as a secret stash, since it looks like an ordinary vase. It's a fully functional secret storage and one of coolest container safes on the market today. Not only is it an elegant piece for a home or office decoration, but it also works great as a diversion safe stash. This is truly an inconspicuous decoy concealment safe. Flower Vase Concealment Diversion Safe Stash Safe

Inside Safe Size: Width 1.65 Inches

Height 3.1 Inches Length.

USE IT FOR: Jewelry, Money, Herbs, Medications & loose Diamonds / Rocks. A concealment product for everyone. Just put this beautifully designed vase on a night stand or on a desk and it becomes a secret stash container for a safety deposit key or a spare house key.



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Every Concealment Cans purchase comes with a small proof heat seal bag with a ziplock top.

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