How Awesome Are Concealment Cans and Diversion Safes?

Concealment Cans, also often referred to as Diversion Safes are awesome. Really Awesome.

They hide valuables in plain sight.

So whether you’re looking for your first diversion safe or want to add a new one to your collection – We've got a massive selection, are constantly adding more, and plan to eventually be the number one site to go to for any and all concealment cans and diversion safes.

Because not everyone knows right off hand what a concealment can or diversion safe is, we've broken it down for you.




    Sometimes, it’s a book that opens up, containing a gun instead of pages.
    Or a shelf that slides open to reveal a secret compartment with secret documents, a weapon, or even drugs or other illegal paraphernalia…
    A classic example is in the iconic movie Shawshank Redemption.
    Andy Dufresne hides a small excavation hammer inside a hollowed-out Bible.
    They’re safes wearing the skin of an everyday object.
    And the more mundane and boring the object, the better.
    A thief searching for valuables will automatically skip over a dull, everyday object.
    That’s the power of a concealment can or diversion safe.
    Their brain will not register it as anything of value.
    Soda cans, hair brushes, electrical sockets, and food jars make great diversion safes.
    Because nobody’s going to take the time to search those items. 99% of the time, those objects are exactly what they look like.
    Making it a bad tactic for a thief to check those items on the off-chance it’s a diversion safe.
    There’s no time for that when ransacking a house.
    Thieves are looking for obvious targets – jewelry drawers, closet safes, and expensive gadgets.
    The idea of diversion is simple and when used correctly it’s powerful.


    The problem with a conventional safe is – you know there’s something of value inside.It’s a treasure chest for criminals.As soon as they see one, they know whatever’s inside is worth stealing.Because no sane person puts trash in an expensive safe, right?Nope, we put $100 bills, gold coins, expensive jewelry, and family heirlooms in them.So when presented with such a juicy opportunity – a thief won’t hesitate to nab your safe.They’ll pry that sucker off the wall if necessary.And don’t fool yourself, they know how to open it “back at the shop.”That’s why it may be safer to hide your valuables in plain sight…This is not to say you shouldn’t use a conventional safe.Short of serious safe-cracking skills, modern safes are challenging to get into for a would-be thief.But there are situations when it makes sense to hide something in a non-conventional manner.The best way to do that is with a concealment can or diversion safe.Like in a hairbrush, a boring book, a jar of peanut butter or even a coat hanger!Diversion safes and Concealment Cans offer a different kind of security.A disguise that makes your valuables virtually invisible.Diversion safes come in all kinds and sizes and in almost any design you can imagine.There’s a diversion safe out there that’s perfect for the job at hand. 


    Of course, there’s an endless number of valuables you can use your diversion safe to hide. But here are a few of the most common and the most popular:

    Stashing Emergency Cash

    Having an emergency cash stash is a valuable survival preparation step. And diversion safes are perfect for keeping a little somethin’ extra hidden away. A bit of “mad money” you can access quickly.Or some extra insurance for the day the financial sector collapses.With a diversion safe, you know exactly where you can get your hands on some cold hard cash.You can quickly grab it on the way out the door in an emergency disaster.Because keeping all your cash in a bank and ATMs is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Hiding A Spare Key

    Don’t tuck your spare house-key under the doormat.That’s only slightly better than leaving the front door wide open.But there are plenty of diversion safes, designed to look like rocks or landscape objects.Things that are normal to see on or around a porch.Keeping a spare key inside one of those is a smart way to hide a key and avoid the dreaded lockout.

    Concealing Illegal Drugs

    I’m NOT advocating for drug use here…But if you happen to have an illegal substance, there’s no better place to hide it than a diversion safe.Obviously, they’ll hide the contents from looters, roommates, spouses, and curious kids. But they’ll also protect your stash from snoopy authorities.Just be aware, even the best diversion safe won’t keep a drug-sniffing dog from finding your stash.

    Protecting Special Documents

    Perhaps you have some “special” documents you want to keep close at hand but also safe.If have such a document but it’s worth stealing, storing them inside of a diversion safe is a sneaky way to protect them.Most diversion safes are large enough to keep a USB thumb drive, inside of them.So, you could store a small library of information in your diversion safe.

    Sending Secret Messages

    Need to deliver a message in secret? Need to send some critical information to someone you CANNOT meet in person?No problem.Stash your message inside of a diversion safe, and leave it in a pre-specified location.A message delivery system without creating a digital footprint.Just remember to end the message with a p.s.:

    “destroy after reading!”

    Sneaking Weapons Around

    Something unsuspecting like a book or a clock can work for weapon concealment.Now we’re not encouraging you to sneak guns or knives into places where they’re illegal.But the option is there with the right type of diversion safe.


    At Concealment Cans, our goal is to have the best selection of diversion stash cans and concealment products available on the internet all in one place. From Coca-Cola to Red Bull, Diet Pepsi to Monster Energy, we aim to have every soda and energy drink can available to you as a diversion stash safe.