What Are Concealment Cans? Diversion Safe Stash Safe Hidden Book Cans

  • Do Smell Proof Bags Really Work?

    To understand if smell proof bags work, you first need to understand how smell proof bags work. There are different methods to lock in smell within a bag or pouch that is odor proof. A common misconception is that you need an airtight herb jar, mason jar or container in order to...
  • Here's Why You Need Concealment Cans and Diversion Safes

    Burglars do not want to spend much time inside of your home. They perform a quick inventory of the goods you have that possess high value. If they see jewelry and/or cash sitting on the coffee table, consider your valuables as good as gone forever. You can make a burglar’s mission unbearably difficult by purchasing a hidden safe...

  • Why Concealment Cans & Diversion Safes Work

    Also referred to as a can safe or a stash can, a diversion safe is a safe that hides in plain view and typically does not come with a lock, key, or dialing instrument. A diversion safe is simply any household container that conceals your valuables, from a cherished wristwatch to an expensive piece of jewelry...
  • How Awesome Are Concealment Cans and Diversion Safes?

    Concealment Cans, also often referred to as Diversion Safes are awesome. Really Awesome. They hide valuables in plain sight.


    Sometimes, it’s a book that opens up, containing a gun instead of pages. Or a shelf that slides open to reveal a secret compartment with secret documents, a weapon, or even drugs or other illegal paraphernalia. They’re safes wearing the skin of an everyday object. And the more mundane and boring the object, the better. A thief searching for valuables will automatically skip over a dull, everyday object.